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Rise N Shine, Fabulous Party Boys


About Rise N Shine All members are chosen long term Islanders. In the last 3 years Rise N’ Shine has gained a strong following originating in the San Juan Islands and extending through the Pacific Northwest. Rise N’ Shine is running three years strong, with a healthier enthusiasm than ever before. With over a hundred and fifty performances in nearly fifty venues, this band has the potential to cover the globe while inspiring and uplifting humanity through music. Three years ago, in a small garage located in Bellingham, WA, a group of talented young musicians got together, to form a reggae/ hip hop band. They called themselves Rise N’ Shine. Having grown up playing music on Island, it was only a matter of time before they became serious about working on a substantial project. Now, three years and a few member changes later, the Rise N’ Shine band has become, “One of the best live show’s Bellingham has ever seen!” “What’s Up Magazine”. Rise N’ Shine has emerged, from a struggling young group of rag tag musicians, into a self sufficient business collaborative, intent on success and innovative musical creation. Fresh off their first, highly positive, west coast tour, the five-member team is preparing to record their second album. Awaiting the final press of their first live HD DVD recording, as well as the mixing of a highly anticipated music video, Rise N’ Shine is proving to be one of the hottest up and coming bands in the Northwest. Lead by vocalist, Adam Luft, the 29 year old Orcas Islander with a flare for wordplay and melodic gritty reggae, Rise N’ Shine never ceases to impress. Their inescapable dance rythms are strongly influenced by the Hawaiian Island reggae vibe, laid down by their exhuberant, high-energy percussion and vocalist, Kurtis Parsons. Strong bass undertones performed by Chris Sanders, create an organic well-rounded groove. Accompanied by heavier hip-hop drum tracks, and explosive fills of drummer, Brian McCaffery. The sound is held together by the ingenuity of its one and only guitarist Eric Woodruff. Eric’s style encompasses a wide array of genres, varying from roots to heavy metal lead riffs, as well as rapid ska, and hypnotic reggae melodies. Rise N’ Shine has become accustomed to playing longer shows, and packing venues to capacity on nearly every occasion. With over thirty original songs this entrepreneurial band has what it takes for long lasting success. We believe in a healthy high spirited energy created through music! We represent this spirit through professionalism and quality music. We believe in working with promoters, owners, and entertainers who have the same vision.

Rise N Shine

Fabulous Party Boys

Friday | October 9th |930 pm | $5



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