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Ying Yang Twins

Knucklehead Banga, DJ Roy Boy

Tue. 10/11 @ 9:30pm - 1:00am (Doors: 8:00pm) | $15 Advanced | Shows are 21+

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Wild Buffalo and Egreen Oils Presents

Ying Yang Twins


Perhaps it’s the way they keep clubs turned up to the maximum with energetic anthems like the Lil Jon-assisted party starter “Salt Shaker” and Latin-tinged international hit “Shake” featuring Pitbull.

Or maybe it’s how they push the envelope on decency on the foul-mouthed, triple-X-rated “Wait (The Whisper Song)” and hard-edged hood classic “What’s Happnin” featuring Trick Daddy. Or it could be the way they effortlessly rise to any occasion on hits as diverse as their collaboration on Lil Jon’s “Get Low” or their crossover single “Dangerous” featuring Wyclef Jean.

Whatever the reason behind their six-album career of megahits and platinum plaques, Ying Yang Twins have defined the sound of club music in hip hop for more than a decade. Made up of Kaine (Eric Jackson) and D-Roc (DeAngelo Holmes), these brothers from other mothers know how to get any party started right.

Continuing to turn dance floors out and operating at an average of 100 beats per minute, Ying Yang Twins return with their flawless forthcoming mixtape aptly titled Ass In Session.

“The game has been missing Ying Yang,” says D-Roc. “So you can expect Ying Yang to bring to the table what we always brought. The new music got the old school vibe that you want but it’s fused with some of the new school.”

The sonic soundtrack for your next block party, bon fire, bar mitzvah or booty shaking club night, Ass In Session is destined to keep any festivity on fire.

“Our job is to go back in the club and turn it up,” says Kaine. “Everybody is swag bragging right now. Nobody is really enjoying themselves. They’re making good music but they ain’t making good club music. We’re bringing the element of fun and enjoyment back.”

Those elements of good times and merrymaking are exactly what the Twins bring on Ass In Session. With tracks like the playful “Thicky Menaj” featuring K Stylis and the Mr. Hanky-produced rump shaker “Giddy Up” featuring Collipark Music label mate V.I.C. (“Wobble”), they are just as amped up as they have ever been.

On “Twerk It Like a Ying Yang Song” featuring Duff E, the duo dedicate the record to their undeniable musical influences over the years. They even address other rappers who have “borrowed” their adlibs on “D-Roc’s Hahn.”

And on the visually explicit “Shakin Her Legs,” Kaine and D-Roc have freaky forays as nasty as they wanna be atop Mr. Collipark’s blazing, up-tempo production.

“We’re still pretty zany in the mindset,” Kaine admits. “We still say what we want to. So it’s going to be like a whole movement of good music.”

That musical movement first began some 13 years ago with their breakthrough single “Whistle While You Twurk” in 2000. The record swept through the South like wildfire and peaked at Number 17 on the US R&B/Hip-Hop Billboard charts. Later that year, it was followed by their full-length debut album Thug Walkin.’

Their sophomore album Alley: The Return of the Ying Yang Twins dropped two years later in 2002. That same year, the group helped blow the hinges off the doors of hip hop when they appeared on the Lil Jon’s 2002 smash hit single “Get Low.”

Their 2003 follow-up album Me & My Brother continued to catapult them into the mainstream. Fueled by hit singles “Whats Happnin!,” “Naggin” and “Salt Shaker,” the album reached platinum sales.

Then, they topped themselves again with multi-platinum album U.S.A. (United State of Atlanta). The album’s string of hit singles “Wait (The Whisper Song),” “Badd” and “Shake” dominated urban radio, shook up the clubs and made the summer of 2005 about 1,000 degrees hotter.

For their 2006 fifth album Chemically Imbalanced, they merged the production of Mr. Collipark (who produced the majority of their previous albums) with the rootsy boom bap of Wyclef Jean and Keith Duplessis and spawned the Hall & Oates-sampled crossover single “Dangerous.”

They came back in 2009 with independent album Ying Yang Forever.

“Our love for music helps us get better and better,” D-Roc explains. “We’ve made the kind of songs that will still be here once we’re gone. They are timeless. And we’re making more songs that same way.”

And that’s exactly what they do on Ass In Session. A high-speed hit factory of slapping 808 kick drums, catchy, sing-along hooks and more energy than a power plant, this ain’t nothing but a party going on.

“We are just going to stick to our job,” says Kaine. “This mixtape is more like an album. It’s going to be jamming…We just gone slide in the groove and tighten up the screws.”


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October 11, 2016


Wild Buffalo House of Music


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